We strongly believe that is due for every successful company to give back something to the society or the community. As live together on this planet we need to take care of each other in order to achieve excellence and make the world better place. Also we believe that the first place anybody should start working on is their own selves and so we do. But as this is rather individual task we have taken the mission to help others where they lack the competence. As we are masters 😉 in WordPress we try to help chosen non-profit organizations with supporting, maintaining and developing theirs sites for free. We believe that these organizations are making a huge positive mark in our society and we feel that helping them is a way to become part of that change.

Here is the list with the organizations we are currently supporting:

The Human Library Foundation is a publishing house of human books (such as those that preserve and develop the humanism in the readers) from Bulgarian and foreign authors. They help young and novice writers in the publishing process.
animal rescue sofia
Stray home shelter “Farm” is an organization dedicated to the care of stray dogs (several cats and few farm animals). They help abandoned or injured dogs and promote their adoption in the country and abroad.